Properties of Heavy Duty Walling

Heavy Duty Pre-Cast Walling was specifically developed with high-risk properties in mind. We shortened the slabs to 1.2m which decreases the leverage between posts and increased the thickness of the slabs and poles to almost double the standard making it the strongest Pre-Cast walling option on the market today.

Our HD Precast walling Ranges from 1.8m (6Ft) to 3m (10ft) in height and is perfect for:

• Prisons
• Hi Risk, Residential Properties
• Self-Storage Facilities
• Industrial Factories
• Mines
• Airports
• Farms

Subterranean Protection

Our HD Precast walling can be planted with one or more slabs under the ground to deter trespasses from digging under your boundary wall.

Asset Protection

HD Precast Walling is the perfect solution for protecting your assets from any criminal elements that you may encounter whether it be riots, theft or vandalism.

Heavy duty walling workforce

With our professional and proficient teams on hand to complete your project, protecting to your assets has never been easier.

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