Commercial Concrete Palisade

Concrete Palisade is the preferred product for large scale projects such as Mines, Cemeteries, Municipal Grounds,
Sporting Fields and factories some of the main advantages of Concrete Palisade is its High Strength while Maintaining Visibility and speed of installation.

By capitalizing on our reputation as a trusted manufacturer, supplier and installer of quality walling products we can assure you of a practical and affordable solution as our client.

Concrete Palisade Standard

East Rand Walling Pty Ltd.’s Concrete Palisade is Manufactured using only the best Locally sourced raw materials resulting in a standard 20/24 MPA product but can be manufactured to your desired MPA by request. All our precast products go through a strenuous quality control protocol to insure only the best material leaves our yard and arrives at your project.


Concrete Palisade – Razor Wire

ERW’s Concrete Palisade can be fitted with our Flatwrap 500 2.0mm galvanized wire razor wire to provide extra security for high-risk areas.

Concrete Palisade With Ext. Post

Ask your rep about our extended post option the perfect solution for fitting razor wire or electric fencing to your concrete palisade.

Concrete Palisade Specs.

Our concrete palisade comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to suite your needs, whether you require
1.2m, 1,8m, 2,4 or 3m High we have the solution for you.

Our posts are all 600mm longer than the standing height to ensure a good foundation, all our foundation footings are a minimum of 450mm X 450mm X 600mm.

Storage and Safety

Concrete Palisade is a great way to prevent hazardous materials and workers from coming into contact with each other, Our products are also ideal for protecting infrastructure such as power stations, electrical substations, Transformers and diesel depots.

Project management

With the largest fleet of vehicles in the precast walling industry, we take care of all the transportation needs in house ensuring a complete turn key hassle free installation from start to finish country wide.

Our value to you

Our team of dedicated highly experienced project planners will help and collaborate with you to find the perfect precast walling /Concrete Palisade solution for your needs and budget ensuring your project runs smoothly and within budget.

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