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East Rand Walling is the oldest and largest precast walling manufacturer and installer in South Africa. Established in 1957 by Mr. WF Barnard with a few core values, chief of which was customer satisfaction, we at East Rand Walling strive to uphold those values and ensure that nothing but the best leaves our factory and arrives at your premises.

With our extensive fleet of vehicles, we take care of all the transportation needs in house ensuring a complete turn key hassle free installation from start to finish.

All our raw materials are sourced locally and scrutinized to uphold the quality East Rand Walling customers have become accustom to and love. With the modern advances in concrete technology we have managed to increase the durability and esthetic of our products and bring them to market at the best possible price.

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Commercial Concrete Palisades

Concrete Palisade is the preferred product for large scale projects such as Mines, Cemeteries, Municipal Grounds, Sporting Fields and factories some of the main advantages of Concrete Palisade is its High Strength while Maintaining Visibility and speed of installation.

Concrete Palisade comes in a variety of heights ranging from 1.2m(4ft) to 3m (10ft) with or without extended poles for mounting razor wire or electric fencing.

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PRASA Railway Project

PRASA Railway Project De Wildt / Pretoria Railway A project we completed for PRASA in the north west of Pretoria on the De Wildt/Pretoria rail way line, our Commercial Concrete Palisade Solution was used to protect the infrastructure of the railway and keep pedestrians off the line.

The Benoni Country Club

The club is a popular function venue with the splendid grounds and function rooms an ideal place for any gala event or special occasion.

Tusetsong Secondary School

We were pleased to be a part of the project and give learners and staff alike a project that once delivered did not impact their studies and added to their safety.